Washington Summer Festival, 2011
Washington Summer Festival, 2011












Explore The True Spirit of America With Its 5 Popular And Interesting Festivals

To know a country there is no better way than to explore its variety of festivals and events because these are the things where we can find the true spirit of a nation and its citizens. Of course, the United States of America is not exempting the concept. Here, there is a wide array of festivals, be it large or small, are held throughout the year. In fact, some festivals are so popular that people from other countries know about them and even come to the USA to attend them. Taking part of these festivals means gathering plenty of experiences. Let’s have some glimpses on 5 famous and interesting festivals in the USA.

  1. Caterpillars Festival in Van Nuys North Carolina

Most of us are afraid of scary caterpillars since they can cause itching. However, it is hard to believe that there is a popular and magnificent festival in USA with the same name. Every year it is held in Banner Elk, Northern Carolina as many years ago, people once gathered here to predict the weather of the upcoming winter by using the stripped caterpillars. Presently, various types of contests are arranged here with lucrative prize money. Along with predicting the temperature, you can also enjoy impressive entertaining shows and taste typically delicious dishes prepared by the local people here.

  1. Layout Art Festival in Washington

Every year from July 20 to July 22, this annual event takes place in Baltimore, Maryland and it is considered as the largest art festival in USA. Last year, this festival was attended by 350,000 people from different as well as unique cultural art activities like singing, concerts, dancing, fashion shows and many more performed by the topnotch artists in the world.

  1. Chitlin Strut Festival

The list of famous festivals in America cannot be completed without mentioning a mention about Chitlin Strut Festival. There is a traditional dish prepared with fried pig intestines in Carolina and to horror that food, Chitlin Strut Festival has been occurred for more than 48 years. The first time it was held with the aim of money donation for Christmas and since then it has become an annual cultural festival for the Salley Town, South Carolina. The spirit of the festival lies in spectacular parades on eye catching carriage, enjoying mouth watering dishes and purchasing handmade items.

  1. Halloween Festival

Although it is not a native festival of the USA and it was introduced in the country by the Irish immigrants, it is definitely one of the most popular festivals in the USA enjoyed throughout the entire country. The event is held on October 31st and lasts for a week to enjoy the eldritch streak where you can attend a guided vision to the sabbat grove in order to meet the spirits for your own.

  1. Parade Festival

Held in Ketchum in the east of Boise City, Idaho, it is also one of the most popular festivals in America observing the annual immigration of the lambs towards southern parts. The biggest event of this festival is lamb parade where more than 1,500 lambs pass on the main street of Ketchum. In addition, the visitors can enjoy the sheepdog contest, music from the lands of lambs like Poland, Peru and Basque Country.

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