Where are you right now? Are you having fun? Is it the coolest place you’ve ever been to? Do you live in Ibiza? You do. Ah, well, maybe you are having a really awesome time right now. Good for you.

But odds are you’re not in Ibiza. You’re probably in your home town, which is just slightly less fun then say, Ibiza (although I hear Topeka is lovely). There’s nothing wrong with your hometown, “there’s no place like home,” after all, is a very true statement. For most people their hometown is comfortable, friendly, and welcoming to and for them. But that’s not all there is. There’s a whole great big world out there with lots of amazing sights, sounds and smells to experience, wonders to behold, and people waiting to greet you at every turn like ithaca.

You simply have to get up and start to travel. If you stay put, you might end up very well off where you live. But you’re also missing out on trying and enjoying new things, tasting new foods, seeing marvelous animals, and meeting that new best friend of yours in Morocco. Things like this don’t just create memories for you; they help to shape and create you. They give you culture and experiences that help to add to and refine your personality and character.

The world you see on television, movies and in pictures does exist, and it’s waiting for you. You’ll never see the Pyramids of Egypt without ever traveling to Egypt. If you’ve ever wondered how your friend was able to walk the Great Wall of China, it’s because they traveled to China.

It’s not that ridiculous of a notion to travel to places like that. It’s easy in today’s Travel and common place, with many services designed towards getting you to go on and enjoy to the fullest your dream vacation. Travel also doesn’t have to be this insanely expensive, long-planned excursion to some exotic locale halfway around the world. Traveling about 100 miles from your house is usually enough to get you out of your threshold and experiencing a bit different scenery, people and culture. The Adirondacks are far different than New York City, and Chicago is nothing like the rest of Illinois. Even a long weekend getaway to the big city or an adventure in a National Park, just a little bit of travel is something we all need every now and then, it jogs our minds and creates the sense of awesomeness in every detail of life as revitalization of human functionality is always realized after travels and scene seeing outings .